Currently located in Portland, Oregon, Tinfoilhat.com serves in the Portland metro area, California and Indiana. Founded in Indiana ten years ago, Tinfoilhat.com moved its web design and development services to Oregon in 2001.

Our experience includes project work for Intel, HSBC Bank, Dotster, plus developing and maintaining the marketing site for Indiana University's School of Public and Environmental Affairs, developing on-line instructional programming for Unext.com/Cardean University, designing, programming, and developing a host of freelance sites for different clients across the U.S.A!

Why Tinfoilhat? We originally purchased the domain name Tinfoilhat.com in 1998 with the intention of reselling it to the highest bidder (this was back in the high-rolling dot.com days). Fortunately, it drew no interest, and we grew to love it anyway as an attention-grabbing business name.

What is a tin foil hat, anyway? Urban legend claims folks with possible mental illnesses line the inside of their hats with foil in order to deflect mind-control rays. Wikipedia has an excellent description. For information on creating your own tin foil hat, see: Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie.

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